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For kick starting, an NGO requires understanding of certain procedures and laws for  that XYZ consultancy provides all kind of consultancy services to NGO i.e it offers advice for legal and organizational structure, training and solutions to Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) across the India from last 12 years. It guide the Organizations for Social Welfare through the entire concerned process starting from the initiatives, planning, strategies, programmes, fund raising and implementation to achieve their targets and goals they always dreamed of establishing for their NGOs in a better way. Our  Main objective is to offer a satisfactory smile to the NGO beneficiaries
During the process of the support work we observed that NGO/Societies/Trust are working and involved with ministries but are not well versed with technical and legal aspects whereas some are well versed then also they do not know how to get 35AC, 35(i),(ii) and other tax notifications. Moreover, many of them are involved with social services for long time but without 12A, 80G, FCRA etc and some are expecting funds without FCRA. For all above queries, we offer a consultancy service which is run and staffed by magnificent team of dedicated and experienced professionals in the world of non-government organizations. Energetic association of professionals like CAs, Advocates and development professionals makes a comprehensive consultancy company for NGO’s. The Consultancy professionals have good network for communication between supporters and in need organizations with the emerging trend of social media and online communication system. 

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